What is at the heart of being Spiritual? What makes someone ‘more spiritual’?
What links the mind, body and spirit?

In almost every language and belief Breath and Spirit are one in the same.
To be spiritual is essentially to breathe more deeply.
To take the time to slow down, calm and release energy.

If you want to raise your spirit – your inner self, feel happier, more enthusiastic, more positive or have more confidence there is a simple way.
Breathe more deeply.
Much more often.

Doing so creates peaceful heart rhythms – proven to be felt by other people (and your dog!) up to several feet away.
Balances your physical systems, especially your brain and your digestive tract (your 2nd brain).
Connects you to the part of you that is always constant. Whatever thoughts or movements happen to you pass through that constant. Whatever stories or events that occur around you and your dog, occur in that constant. When the real, constant you connects with the breath, things gets easier.

You find you can accept, forgive and create more easily.
Your instincts, intuition and trust are enhanced.
A kind of ‘knowing’ builds up inside you.
Confidence is found.
and in my experience, our dogs behaviour changes.

Deep Breathing is the foundation of Meditation, and of Yoga (where breath comes before postures).

It’s the one simple, free way to transform your world!
And yet it’s the one thing most find so hard to do.
Many don’t ever try.
Modern Spiritual following is about personal development, growth. Growth from the nourishment of spirit, of breath – for the benefit of all life.

If you are not doing it – put down your angels book, shelve your alien connection dvd, stop your blender, roll up your yoga posture mat – and Start.

Truly become Spiritual. Create Peace. Transform the world around you.

And even better? Learn to breathe calmly, in meditation, with your dog.
Join your local Relax Dog Class today!