We’ve all had them, those days or times when we move about doing lots of little things, rearranging things, semi-tidying, finishing small things off and getting absorbed in our own space and world.
It can be so satisfying, very relaxing and even feel uplifting to do this.
So much so we now affectionately know this activity as ‘pottering’.

Pottering really is a valuable tool in today’s fast paced society. A time to be yourself, ground your energies and be present.

As you move about ‘pottering’ you are actually encouraging energy to flow through you. Releasing and grounding any emotional energies that have become a little stuck, or restricted in some way by intense or repetitive thought patterns or feelings.
The act of pottering gives us the opportunity to allow Energies to be in Motion – our E’motions to flow again.

What happens when you potter?
When you potter you often find yourself
> Being more present, -mentally free from judgement or anxiety,
> Being more aware of your surroundings and your physical place within that environment – body awareness grows
> You express yourself – expressing energy throughout your environment
> You explore and begin to create without judgement or fear – often discovering something you lost, or discovering new things, or experiences, that feel aligned with you.

For all living creatures, primal instincts and being alive encourages them to interact with their environment, to explore and to express energy.
It is when that expression is restricted in some way that a reaction or what we may label a ‘bad’ behaviour is displayed.

Your dog needs to potter.
Your dog will most definitely be calmer and happier if they are able to potter.

Sniffing will play a large part in their ‘pottering’, exploring their environment and being able to re-allow any restricted energies to flow again.
This will leave them less reactive, less full of ‘pent –up’ energies and better able to cope with experiences that happen to them.
Even digging is simply your dog expressing himself, grounding excess emotional energy or trying to restart the flow of emotional energy again.

What ever behaviour your dog does, its worth allowing an encouragement of pottering as often as possible. It can seem akin to environmental enrichment, but not in the sense it is stimulating their mind.
I’m not sure many would agree the pottering is stimulating, and yet it does influence your mental state because it influences your emotions.

Practical actions could be;
> Allowing your dog as much off lead pottering as possible,
> Allowing your dog to potter around new things they meet/find,
> Going to green spaces or creating a more interesting green space or backyard to be pottered in.
> Creating a digging area for them
> Allowing jumping, movement, rolling over
> Providing outlets to chew – this can also be very grounding as it utilise the hugely influential part of your dogs emotional limbic system, their mouth.

Most of the pottering opportunities for dogs rely on us as owners being trusting.
Without trust your dog will have less opportunities to ground energies, calm themselves and promote their emotional energy flow, in the way nature intended.

More about trust, and how to strengthen it, will come in future newsletters and blogs, but for now go forth and potter!
A world of pottering awaits your dog!