A pioneering new type of dog training class will be popping up across the UK led by each of these wonderful practitioners.
Relax Dog classes (TM) will provide a unique type of class that works with and balances a dogs emotions, promoting their flow of emotional energy.
They reduce fears & anxieties, heal, let go of expectations, build trust and enhance bonds. Creating a calm, happy dog and a peaceful emotional vibration to take back out into the world.
All the new practitioners are busy locating dog friendly venues for their classes and also for the 1 day workshops they will be running on the new dog training with emotional energy techniques!

Keep an eye on our Classes page for workshops and seminars that are near to you and your dog!

There is currently nothing like this globally – although interest in Canine emotions is growing. Dogs are true electromagnetic or Vibrational beings, beings that Feel vibrations who are always, every single moment looking to ground, express and discharge their Feelings – which are simply vibrations made of this electromagnetic energy.
E’motions are simply energy in motion, flowing through the dog to be expressed as behaviours.
Emotions are most definitely Not mind based or thought based.
Understanding the Flow of emotions, as electromagnetic energy, is the key to understanding dog behaviour! Understanding how to influence them will allow you to have a happy, balanced dog and maintain peaceful, calm behaviour.