Yes. Absolutely. As you will read further on Meditation studies have showed it can literally shift the emotional energies of whole towns, with behaviours changing and crime rates dropping. It is high time we recognised the value of what seems such a simple technique within our relationship with our dogs.

At Canine Flow: RelaxDog ™ Classes Meditation is more than simply being Calm or allowing your dog to experience calm states of being.
Although that alone can contribute to transformation of behaviours. It is the connection you create and balanced heart energy that you strengthen in yourself and your dog that creates the biggest shift and change.
That can takes practice and dedication. But is actually nourishing, fun and something you’ll find in time you want to do, almost craving the feeling it brings.

The great thing about joining a meditation group like a RelaxDog ™ Class is that the collective group energy can facilitate deeper change, at a quicker level than you alone at home.
All Relax Dog practitioners are also trained in the unique Canine Flow spiral healing, Professional Canine Hypnotherapy and a knowledge of which emotional energies are linked with behaviours you dog may display. All that knowledge means they can best ensure your dog is as calm and connected as you are in the class and that the behaviour and your feelings surrounding the behaviour also change outside of the class.

There are now a huge amount of studies into meditation and the effects it has on the physical body, the mind and changes to people’s lives.
Some to look up include:
* The published studies of Maharishi university in Iowa USA, showing substantial decreases in crime in cities collective group meditation was practiced. Crime rates dropped by 24%. That’s almost a quarter! Simply by shifting the energy frequencies in those cities through focused meditative practice.
A quote from their website:
‘This study demonstrated that the Maharishi Effect has immediate effect on crime as well as a long-term effect that persisted over six years, which was independent of the influences of major demographic variables known to affect crime.’

* A recent study published in Frontiers In Psychology magazine in Jan 2015 proving the protective, anti-aging, brain cell repairing effects of meditation.
50 long term meditators were compared with matched controls, who did not meditate at all, with the resulting MRI scans showing marked brain health benefits for those that were long-term meditators across the entire brain. So not even just the parts of the brain most in use during meditation stayed healthier, all of it did!

* The life’s work of Dr Richard J Davidson, university of Wisconsin-Madison, founder of the Centre for Healthy Minds and best know for his research collaborations with the Dalai Llama.
Davidson has published 100’s of papers each contributing to show the effects and benefits of practices such as meditation, gratitude and compassion.
From Dr Davidson’s website:
‘His research is broadly focused on the neural bases of emotion and emotional style as well as methods to promote human flourishing, including meditation and related contemplative practices. His studies have centered on people across the lifespan, from birth through old age. In addition, he’s conducted studies with individuals with emotional disorders such as mood and anxiety disorders and autism, as well as expert meditation practitioners with tens of thousands of hours of experience. His research uses a wide range of methods including different varieties of MRI, positron emission tomography, electroencephalography and modern genetic and epigenetic methods.

A simple online search into the research behind meditation brings up so many published studies it is beyond belief – if you’ll excuse the indirect pun.

So we know it is a useful practice. But do we know why it creates the transformation it does?
One research centre known as the Institute of HeartMath (IHM) are finding out. They are slowly but surely putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Highlighting the deep impact our Heart frequencies have on those around us, our community, ourselves, and our dogs of course.
Like all of life on earth we have both Electric and Magnetic energy within us. Flowing through us – kind of ‘making us up’ really. The Heart is the strongest in Electromagnetic frequency (5000 times stronger than the brain). The Hearts energy field measureable many feet away from the body.
The Institute of Heart Math have proven that it’s the heart that tells the brain what to do, or how to be, rather than the other way round.
By influencing our breath, our feelings and our heart rate rhythm we can create changes in our minds, in how we view outside world and in how it feels to have life experiences.

One pieces of research the IHM led found that if a person changes the way they feel, breathe and be their heart becomes what they label ‘Coherent’ (balanced and peaceful). When this coherence occurs the person can actually make a transformation to the behaviour and life of their next-door neighbour too! Even without the neighbour needing to start doing the practice themselves.
What was really interesting was that if the next-door neighbour were to show anger, frustration or unrest the loving coherent energy from the person would always ‘win out’ over the unhappy energy frequencies!
Just like the scenes in the Harry Potter books, where his strongest weapon against fear becomes his ability to feel love and compassion for his friends.
We absolutely can bring about transformations in our dogs behaviour by shifting the emotional energy we add into the situation.

As dog owners we generally try to Do way more than we Be. Always looking for the next thing to Do with our dogs and missing the huge value in changing the our ways of Being around them.
Now more than ever we need new ways of Being around our dogs that respects their highly receptive, telepathic, emotionally perceptive abilities. As beings ourselves on this beautiful planet we are also progressing, we are also at a time of deep change. Our dogs are right their beside us, sharing every millisecond of our growth and reflecting back to us our states of being, feeling our heart rate rhythms and sensing our emotions.

Never before has your dog, and this whole planet needed you to step up more, to become part of the best version of You you can be.
This new way of being with our dogs has the potential to solve and prevent so many different types of behaviours, including aggression, reactivity and hyperactivity for instance.
Myself and my practitioners are calmly excited to welcome you on to classes and help you to understand the flow of electromagnetic emotional energies both you and your dog has. How they influence behaviour and how to influence them.