Yes, absolutely.
By releasing or transforming the cellular memory, which is simply energetic frequencies, of fears or anxieties that are held in your dogs body.

A dog Feels sound, rather than thinks about the noises it hears. At the cellular level sound has been shown to interact with the receptor points on cells, all cell receptors are frequency based, the old paradigm explanation that anything enters a cell in a ‘key fitting into a lock’ method has long been replaced with the knowledge that the cell walls are actually vibrating. They connect with molecules of the same vibration, allowing entry into the cell – or perhaps more deeply allow the whole cell to be influenced by that frequency.
So, when we listen to music or hear a sound it’s the frequencies (the energy) that our bodies respond too, you could say we almost become the sound.
Whilst there can be some progress made with positive dog training or desensitisation audios, methods that transform the frequencies the dogs cells are resonating at has, for me, shown to make the biggest difference.
Sound and Firework fear is a long-standing issue that despite progress in traditional positive dog training methods has not been changed. The contributors to a dog having a physical body that is more likely to hold fear frequencies or anxieties has also raised, meaning we are now seeing more and more dogs with these kind of issues.

In Canine Flow we don’t actually even need to know if the dog has firework fears to help them with them! We aim to release physical tension patterns and transform the frequencies of fears, trauma or anxieties they hold in their cells.
Using our Professional Canine Hypnotherapy (PCH) and the empowering Spiral Energy Technique, as well as a deep understanding of how owners can make changes to the dog lifestyle to ensure they are can cope with rather than take on surrounding environmental frequencies such as EMF’s from technology, their owners heart frequencies and emotions. This is a huge part of our work as dogs are truly Feeling beings rather than thinking beings and incredibly receptive to surrounding energy frequencies, that we cannot see or even be aware of ourselves.

When we perform PCH we are Not working with the dogs mind or thoughts but with their body as a whole.
Many fears are actually found in the digestive tract, the kidneys, in the heart or even an old injury you had forgotten your dog even experienced. They can hide anywhere!

By working with the dog with the aim being to assisting their body to be free from fearful frequencies and full of peaceful calm ones we change the dog itself, and their response to All of life. When the dog is better able to cope with frequencies around them they become less reactive Everything – including the fireworks!
If we then need to focus more deeply on a specific incident the dog might shows us during a PCH session we can do so, with the same whole body techniques.

Every dog is different. They are all vibrating with different levels of energetic information, so no 1 session only guarantee should be expected – however it can and does happen – it all depends how happy the dog is, and you are for them to release and transform the fears it is holding onto.

If you want to sign the petitions against the over use of fireworks, please visit and search ‘fireworks in UK’.