I admit it, in the past I’ve pushed these ideas away.
I have been led time and time again to the realisation that dogs are here for us, here for humanity. With a purpose to open our hearts as humans. As part of a human collective that needs to grow, needs to open, open up more and more to the new aspects of life that are emerging through.
To our ability to create our reality, for the highest good of all,
To a focus on peace and a letting go of the ‘fight’ aspects of life,
To creating with compassion,
Just to be more creative!
To dropping being a victim, blaming others or feeling judged
Even to disempowering ourselves into needing to control aspects of our lives, including our dogs.
To notice, accept and thus FREE the fears and anxieties from ourselves.
All so we can all be living life to our highest pawtential.
Now, the idea is truly here to stay. Equality has to be valued over hierarchy, or duality.
It is what we are here to become.

I now know undoubtedly that our dogs were literally sent here to suppawt us through these times. To enable us to ascend and create ripples of peace, love and harmony across planet earth, and beyond.
To learn Canine Flow, at its basic level, is to learn wonderful, purely heart-based, way to train your dog or transform their behaviour, with a side dish of : ‘Wow I feel so much better too’!
But at its finest – if you are ready,
Canine Flow is a full course meal of : ‘wow my life has changed, my relationships are better, my health is improved, I feel so connected to source, to plants, trees, nature, my dog, I trust and am more successful and abundant – I am living my purpose, finally,
with a side of ‘oh yes, my dog doesn’t do that ‘stuff’ that used to bother me now. ..and I know how to assist other dogs and owners to achieve this too’.

We humans have literally no Idea how powerful we are, or how needed we are at these changing times.
But your dog does. Your dog gets it and is more than happy to share with you through their behaviours where you might be disempowering yourself, blaming or disconnecting from source and your true pawtential.

Since I choose to embrace these teachings, these messages and realisations I was having. I have connected deeply with what I have come to call the Sacred Canine Heart. A collective consciousness of dogs as a species, a dimension and a set of canine energy codes that are designed specifically for humanity’s ascension.
If you are ready I would absolutely be up for sharing these teachings with you.

Lets do this! 🙂 🐾

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