The winning photo from my Does your Dog Dance? Competition this week
Why did we pick this photo?  – Read on! x
In Lucinda’s photo we can see 3 dogs all interacting in a wide space, all 3 in the process of grounding energies, through the physical activity, the placement of their feet onto the ground and by interacting with each other.
All animals, even us, have emotions running through them. Emotions are simply E’ (energy) in Motion! We are all made of energy, moving energy. As are our dogs.
It is a deep instinct to express, ground or ‘download’ these emotions, and to promote the flow of them through our physical bodies.
If they get stuck we often see displays of behaviour as the animals to express these accumulated energies, ground them and get the ‘flow’ going again.

One of the ways I describe my view of dog behaviour is to imagine a flock of birds in the sky. They are a collective group of energy, all flying together in a fluid fashion, evolving their collective shape as they move along. One bird is at the front while others follow. Then through either the environment (something in the way, air pressure maybe), or through a collective emotion felt by them all, another bird the group will end up at the front. This happens frequently as they fly along with the visual shape changing.
As they fly they are in constant state of flow, evolving and changing their shape as a whole and as individuals. Truly ‘Being in the flow’
No one bird is ever better or worse than the other, the one leading is not actually ‘the leader’, or know ‘the right way to go’, the one who previously led does not have a desire to lead again. They are all literally Being. Flowing, moving – dancing, through the air.


If the space the birds were in was limited, then their behaviours could change. The restriction to flow would change things, it would cause a level of frustration, and would influence the choices of expression the birds have.


We may find they may separate and create smaller groups to continue flowing, they could be instinctively looking to promote their flow again, and display behaviours we consider reactivity, like squawking for instance.


Space is as much a resource as food is. In our busy world where our dogs are by default of the way we live, kept in environments with less space. They have less open freedom than their nature craves we see behaviours that result from that underlying frustration and reduced ability to ground and let their energies flow through them.

Our dogs simply want to ‘Be’ just as the flying birds do. They are always expressing their feelings and seeking ways to ground their energies. Almost every behaviour they do is simply that.

Animals tend to use their mouth area to do this – unfortunately mostly resulting in expression and grounding behaviours we don’t always desire!
Grabbing, biting, air snapping, sticking their noses in something, barking to ground the feelings they have when they see and feel any excited energies that other dogs are creating through play, as well as howling, sniffing, chewing, licking…
So many!


We tend to use our hands more if in frustration rather than our mouths, and equally to keep us in the flow, creating building or painting something with our hands for instance.
But do use our voice too and we also use our mouths to express emotions when kissing.

We all know how grounding it can be to relax, to meditate, to make something creative! How great it can feel to have released our emotional flow through crying, shouting or even singing.

Having spent over 20yrs watching, caring for and for the most part growing spiritually and learning how to Be with dogs (and all aspects of my reality), I have come to realise it is this Being that brings the peace and the calmness we all crave and that we want to provide for our dogs too.

It saddens me to see or hear about a dog that has had so many stuck emotions it has ended up downloading them in an expression of behaviour that has caused us harm or fear.

Yes we can command our dogs to do behaviours we would prefer. I aim to work alongside that type of training to ensure that dogs all over the world can be provided with techniques to safely ground their emotional energies, and techniques keep their emotional flow flowing, so they don’t get stuck in the first place!

Perhaps its less of a case of ‘Be More Dog’, and more ‘Be More Flock of Birds’

I hope the above has resonated with you. I am starting a course in October to share this new way of working with dogs and share the techniques I have found keep emotional flow flowing! Its all very exciting 9and to be honest little overwhelming sometimes!) to have been given this spiritual purpose, But I am ready if you are…

Would you like to know how to run Relax Dog (TM) classes in your area to do so?
Will you be one of my pioneers?

The Canine Flow Practitioner course info will be available very soon!