Buxton or should we call it Barkston?

One of the hardest things to do is to fully trust that a decision you are making is the ‘right’ one. Many have the belief that there is no right or wrong, and I must admit I am in that camp (at least one foot and even half the other one is!). Yet I am still amazed, I still feel incredibly privileged, to be here on Earth, doing the work I do, just being Alive, when situations such as the one this weekend occur.
To say we are guided towards things is something of an understatement at times!

11 years ago I was guided to run my Retreats and guided to the venue I still host them at to this day. Back then, in the days of dial-up internet, I almost had matchsticks in my eyes searching online for a suitable venue or retreat centre to hire and start retreats. Finding it, it appeared pawfect, but I wasn’t to fully understand the whys and how’s of this pawfection partly until I first ever arrived and partly, until just a few years ago, when the ‘teaching’ of exactly why my work is hosted from this part of the world, and this so named centre is so impawtent multi-dimensionally.
Anyway, this blog is not about retreats, because this has happened again to me, to us in fact, because this work is powerfully for all of humanity, and especially those with a connection to those gorgeous heart-based canid beings that share our lives, sofas and walks in the park.

The event I was asked by my guides to host was a collapawration of high vibration dog owners, each either running or looking to run a business in natural dog care and each looking to enhance their business know-how as well as their understanding of natural dog care and most impawtantly their own inner selves.
The theme, in essence, being: grow yourself to grow your business – and then let your business transform the world!

Alongside the speakers on natural dog care and abundance techniques, including the brilliant Rachel Elnaugh from TV’s Dragons Den, a key part of the conference day was the Abundance Ceremony. Held in the afternoon the ceremony aimed to upgrade each attendees connection to divine source, bring them codes of abundance, clarity and ability to create or sustain an income/business doing what they love to do.
What it ended up also being was a guided ceremony that sent out new frequencys of abundance and prosperity right across the UK, and beyond via three powerful channels.
The first being the consciousness of each participant contributing to the collective, the second being the sacred geometric patterns and sound resonation from that of the Dome building itself, which was unbelievably strong! To the point the guy leading the ceremonies voice was reverberating back into the centre of our ceremonial circle as if the universe itself was repeating it back to us and reaffirming itself. The third being the fact water, the most abundant, influential molecule of earth and vastly imprintable with frequencies & energy light codes, was underneath us, the same water that is both bottled and shipped around the globe, and that runs into rivers, streams and oceans in and surrounding the UK (and ultimately the planet too).
The last two I had no idea would be so powerful until I arrived, felt and saw the venue itself. So just how Right was Buxton Dome for this pivotal grid-network shifting conference?

What I knew before getting there:
The Venue had a Glass Dome in the Roof – had Portal and energy expansion written all over it (not literally).
It was kind of ‘in the middle’ of the UK, central for all.
One of the speakers I was excited to book lived in the same town.
It was affordable,  offered vegan food options and they had the date free.

What I discovered when I got there increasingly became even more impawtant:

# Each door had the word DOG (DO/G) written and then a number (we had ROOM 12) – it stood for Do’me section G but what a fun thing!

# A giant letter B was on advert at our doorway. ( I’m all for Be over Do! It’s a Canine Flow staple 😉 )

# The middle of the door had an 8 pointed star right in the centre – matches the Merkabah. (multi-dimensional travel carriage)

# The entrance has the numbers 1881 right above it! – 11 is a well known gateway portal, with 88 in the centre,  the. Number of infinity, and also the Lions Gate date 8/8 frequency of change and abundance on planet earth.
(see photo)

# The reason for the 1881 is also because it was literally designed/built/created then (as if there is no time at the universe even knew what would occur in the future here too!)

# The dome is measured at 144ft – the number associated with the Critical Mass of people who once awakened will spark the deep transformation to peace and abundance on Earth ( 144’000)

# The Dome is made of 22 Curved arms (22 master number in numerorlogy) The last Buxton census (2012) calculated the population at 22k.

# There is water running through Buxton, it is a geothermal spa of 28c.
Despite more booking the event, 28 of us took part in the actual ceremony.

# The waters which come from the river Wye in the Peak District were reputed to have ‘healing properties’ in Victorian times.

# The Romans worshipped the Goddess of the Spa, calling her Aquae Arnemetiae  The goddess of the Grove, who is not a woman as such but a being, a ‘divine quality’ that was said to reside in the spa grove.

# This water was literally underneath us in the dome, it is running throughout Buxton. Buxton is the highest elevated market town in England – market being trading, business!

A final conclusion.
The Dome Building itself has always been a building of importance, of compassion and contribution. It was initially used to house and support the sick and poor, today it is a central of the University in Buxton.
By attending and reconfiguring the frequencies, the Emotions (Energies in Motion) that run underneath Buxton and out to the Globe we were able to amplify and transmute any residual frequencies of poverty entering the grid network from there.
Now there is work to do, this is likely to need sustaining and could definitely be magnified even more.

As well as the Water itself the stone, rock underneath us, that which Buxton is built on is known as FLOW stone.

When I was called to create this gathering I had no idea just how impawtent it would actually be or why it was me asked to do this.

I send this out as an invitation to you all, if your connection to Abundance calls you to be part of the gathering next year please keep in touch.
The date will be announced soon.
By enhancing our own businesses and own selves to align with Abundance, we become the change that the world needs and the multi-dimensional universe has for us.
Us natural dog owners have a wealth of passion to express, suppawted by our dogs huge magnetic hearts we can and will contribute to humanities ascension.
We have a lot to bark about 😉