Practitioner Course

Become a Certified Practitioner in Canine Flow
– where ancient wisdom meets modern canine science

A fully Holistic dog training method should include all three aspects of your dogs being: their Mind, Body and their Soul.
Your dogs Soul is a measurable life-force flow, an electromagnetic heart intelligence influencing behaviour choices in a way even the most compassionate modern dog training does not yet recognise.
Discovering this is not only transformational for your dog, but life-changing for you too.

Canine Flow is a veterinary approved training method, here to help you realise your true purpose, work with dogs and make a difference to humanity. You can create an income offering Consultations, Relax Dog Classes & Retreat days for both dogs and their owners.

The Practitioner Journey;
Complete the Online Course*
Attend an introductory Retreat  
Attend a 2nd practical Retreat 
Complete 6 Case Studies
~ Qualify!
(*You can swap the 1st two steps)

The method can be used alongside positive dog training and is commonly described as ”the missing link” in understanding dog behaviour and emotions.

This course is designed for pet dog owners and pet professionals alike. No prior knowledge of dog training is required.

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Founders Message: 
”Thank you for considering this course and mentorship. I have developed Canine Flow from over 24 years experience in both dog behaviour training and animal energy therapist fields.

Your dog is a very special being, they have actually been guided to you for your growth and ascension. They have profound messages for humanity which are only truly heard when we move from mind-based techniques into our heart-space. For me this way of being with dogs is long over-due, I am blessed to share it with you and support you on your journey to making a difference to dogs and owners all over the world.”

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