Canine Flow

Learn the role that your dogs vital Life Force Flow has on their feelings, emotions and thus behaviour.
Understanding Life-Force Flow completes an understanding of dogs and dog behaviour, as a not just choice of their mind or influenced by their physical body but an expression of their soul or ‘spirit’ too.
Despite being about energy, Canine Flow is fully backed by science, and thus is fast becoming known as the missing link in dog training and understanding.

This is our Founder (right) Caroline, Spiritual Dog Trainer with her beloved Thai rescue tripawd Foosa.
Caroline is a Yoga Teacher, Meditation Enthusiast, Retreat Facilitator, Hypnotherapist, Dog Trainer & Behaviour Specialist, Multi-Dimensional Light Being, Energy Healer, Magical Reality Creator and also a Nutritional Consultant for the pet food industry.

From armfuls of puppies at the age of 4 to giving armfuls of Practitioner certificates at the age of 40 my journey has been an ever evolving path by the side of four paws. 
Dogs have been with us every step if the way in our awakening. They bring divine messages of ascension for humanity, re-reminding us of our own, and their starseed connections.
Your dog found you, to highlight any part of you that is not truly living in abundance and your true potential”

Canine Flow is a unique multi-dimensional way of being with our beloved, canine friends.

It has a few aspects to it. All of which lead you further towards your potential (always pawtential in Canine Flow), your purpose and your connection to your multi-dimensional self.

As well as learning new, unique techniques to transform canine behaviours you will begin on a journey, re-remembering what the ancients always knew, that we humans are powerful beyond measure and have the capacity to co-create the kind of planet we want to live on and the kind of species we want to be part of.

If you are ready to move towards your heart space, away from traditional viewpoints of canine psychology, the ‘thinking’ dog and the separation that our overdeveloped minds have led us to, then you will feel as if Canine Flow is coming home.