Wherever energy goes a frequency is held within that area, some frequencies change, perhaps into heat or light. Yet some can hang around and even build up or stagnate in an area.
The energies can also grow stronger and really can influence those that enter into them or pass through them.
Including your dogs, and yourself of course.

The Chinese call this energy Chi and have special practices that align the home or workplace to discourage energy build up or stagnation.

The energy frequencies, or Chi, that is building up in your home or workplace is made up of Emotional energies. Feelings people or animals have felt, or thoughts people may have had.
Sometimes ornaments or other items can be carrying an energy frequency too, from their previous owner or if somebody was holding the item whilst feeling a certain way.
Your dog’s bed for instance will be full of the energies they have felt in the last few days, or perhaps even years!

Depending on the emotional energies your pets has felt, you may wish to neutralise the frequencies, or free them up from the area they have settled into.
Moving things about can begin to do this. Moving furniture and cleaning behind it can have a neutralising effect, as can washing dog beds or shaking them out.

One of the best ways to neutralise emotional energies though is with household Salt.
Could this be why being near the Sea is so wonderfully cleansing? Perhaps this is why tears contain salts?
Salt is a crystal, and so emits electromagnetic frequencies. It contains both positively charged ions and negatively charged ions. It will literally pull positive ions – charged particles of electricity, from the environment.
You can use salt to discharge anxious, fearful or sad energies and assist your dog to feel different, and thus act and behave differently.
Salt could be an essential thing to use if you have quite a few dogs in a household and could assist in neutralising fear-based emotional energies being experienced, felt and exchanged between the dogs.

Simple ways to use Salt to neutralise emotional energy:

Sprinkle Himalayan rock salt, on your dogs bed, or favourite place to settle – even if that’s the sofa. Leave for up to 30 mins ish. Then hoover up. its safe to leave longer, but best to hoover up before they go back to bed.

If your dog is concerned about an area of the home put a glass of salt water into that area for a few days. (Remove and replace if need be after 2/3days)

Sprinkle or dab it onto areas your dog has anxiously scratched at, or chewed at. Again hoover it up later if you need to.

Spray your dog’s aura with a solution of salt water. (1 cup of salt in an average ½ pint glass or glass jar – leave overnight so the salt can dissolve in the water)
The immediate aura layers are is up to a foot or so away from there body, it may help to wait until they are settled and spray the salt water into the air above them, allowing it to easily fall onto them below.
(Please only do this if your dog is happy about spray. We are aiming to neutralise emotional energy, rather than create further fear based or anxious based emotions.) – Also please avoid spraying into their eyes, mouth or wounds!

Spray their harness or lead and collar with a solution.

Spray a BodyWrap or Thundershirt with a salt water solution before using them for your dog.

If you come up with any other great ideas for using salt as a neutraliser do email and tell me! I will post your tip on my facebook page.