Dogs choose to poop in alignment with the compass point Magnetic North.
In a 2013 study published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology researchers discovered that Dogs are sensitive to small variations in the earth’s magnetic field. The paper states it to be the first time a magnetic sensitivity has been proven in dogs proving they were indeed influenced by changes in the magnetic polarity rather than the magnetic intensity.
70 dogs of 37 breeds were recorded during the study with over 7000 observations of either urination or defecation. The results showed that dogs preferred to excrete with their body aligned to the North-South magnetic axis, under calm magnetic conditions.
When you see your dog shifting or spinning around before it goes to the toilet, this is what they are attempting to do.
Dogs exist in a world of feelings, constantly picking up on and responding to the emotions around them and those they feel themselves. The emotions are sensed as electromagnetic vibrations. The have a vibrational frequency, a magnetic element to them.
Whilst this study offers no explanation as to why the dogs look for a Magnetic axis, simply that more research could perhaps show why they do it, it makes total sense that a dog experiencing magnetic frequencies every moment of the day should be able to detect them and should value calm ones that create a sense of emotional safety for them.
Dogs have a small piece of magnetite in their ears.
Modern or perhaps ‘traditional’ science offers no explanation for this.
Again if a dog exists in a world of frequency and magnetic energies it would make total sense, and could very well be picking up on the energies and assisting the dog to understand and cope in the world around him.
Puppies appear to ‘breathe’ in the womb.
Ultrasound readings have shown pups using their breathing muscles in the womb during the last 2 weeks of pregnancy.
One experiment, published in 2006 in Animal Behaviour, highlighted that newborn pups would move towards the smell of aniseed if the mother had been fed food containing aniseed in the last few weeks of pregnancy. From this we see that certainly the smell ( or perhaps frequency of) the aniseed was important to them. They could very well be using the breathing action to take in the smell of their mother so they can have recognition of her once born.
As a newborn pup is quite helplessly unable to move away from its mother after birth traditionally thinking there would be no reason for the pup not to perform the task of creating recognition after birth, after all when they meet their new owners they will indeed build a recognition of them.
Could it be that the pups are taking in vibrational information from their mother? About herself, her state of health, the world around her, and of course, her feelings or emotions. Smell has now been proven to happen on a quantum basis with the scent molecule being both a wave and a particle. I believe there is every possibility that pups can and do pick up on emotional energy even before they are born.