I want to share with you a piece of research I have come across that highlights flaws in the current vaccines given to our pet dogs, cats, rabbits & even our own vaccines.

I came across an article in the brilliant What The Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine, and double-checked the research online too.
The research has shown scientists that an infection response happens throughout the whole of an Immune cell. Now you may think, surely we knew that? But so far the knowledge has only been that there is a specific part of the cell, called the Endosome, creating the important peptide antigens or antibodies.
As a result the virus vaccines currently in use for our pets and ourselves are designed to focus on and target the Endosome. Forcing the endosome, as vaccines do, to create antigens. The new research highlights that by doing that alone they are actually missing a huge part of the infection process – the rest of the immune cell!
The research proves that the T cells that fight infection are being produced from the whole cell, in greater volumes and from a wider range of sources.
Your dog’s immune system is in fact working with much more complexity than was thought. The vaccines they are given are not targeting the complete picture.

Perhaps this knowledge could contribute to explanations as to is why vaccines do not always work, and why vaccinosis, adverse reactions to a vaccine, are becoming so common.
What it also shows is that despite vaccines assisting one part of the immune cell the rest of the immune cell is working anyway, and works whether vaccinated or not. So, Vaccines are not the only answer when it comes to protecting our dogs – for years they haven’t even been assisting all the cell parts that are really working on viruses anyway!

Titre testing for a dogs level of antibodies has quite rightly become much popular and available from more and more vets. I feel however a better understanding is needed on titres. A dog not showing any antibodies on a titre reading does not necessarily need a vaccine again!
What is measured is Circulating antibodies, which are not the decider on immunity; the body’s ability to create anti-bodies to then put them into circulation is the immunity, not the anti-bodies themselves.
Unfortunately there is no way of testing a dogs ‘ability to create anti-bodies’, as nobody yet knows exactly how immune cells carry the memory of that ability. Let alone for how long they carry that memory for.

Clearly all creatures can carry the memory of how to create antibodies to a virus, otherwise vaccines wouldn’t work at all. But there is no way to test if the immune cells are carrying it or not.
Circulating Antibodies are simple the memory being put into use. In an ideal world dogs wouldn’t have circulating antibodies because we don’t want our dog body fighting disease all the time, we want them to store the memory of how to do so, and then be in relaxation until perhaps, but hopefully not they come across the virus last in life.
There is research showing vaccinated dogs being able to produce antibodies to common canine viruses, from their immune memory, for up to 7yrs after a vaccine. From the new research in this article they could well be doing so, and not even as a result of the vaccine but from responses created in the rest of the immune cell. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. 
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The link to the research mentioned above is here: