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Soul Led Canine Guardianship

Canine Flow is a way of understanding, training and being with dogs, unlike any other. Its unique spiritual approach strengthens your connection with your dog, helping you understand the true motivations behind their behaviours. Building a peaceful, relaxed relationship, in tune with one another and in the flow.

Transform your dogs behaviour and achieve greater alignment through our enlightening courses. Your journey can include beautiful spiritual retreats to learn in serenity, alongside your dog.

Explained in our new video, Canine Flow also brings you, the guardian, a raised consciousness and a greater feeling of purpose, peace and ascension that positively impacts your whole life. Your dog deserves the best version of You!


Start with our Home-Study Certificate in Canine Flow and see where it takes you!

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A collection of inspired tools to support you and your dog with Canine Flow techniques. Audios, Card Decks and more.

Soul Dog Meditation


Free *Meet Your Soul Dog* Meditation. Experience true peace with my guided meditation for you and your dog.

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I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely retreat last week. As you know I was a little anxious about what to expect and if Indi would behave but I … more
Alison Bradshaw
Experience a Canine Flow retreat
Experience a Canine Flow retreat
Experience a Canine Flow retreat

From Our Founder...

“It’s safe to say as dog guardians we know that there’s more than what meets the eye within our canine companions. Dogs remind us to be heart-based, to evolve and ascend to our highest purpose. Canine Flow shares the ancient secrets, divine wisdom and higher truths to understand and transform your dog's behaviour whilst honouring your own soul evolution, just as your dog does.”

CarolineFounder of Canine Flow

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How Even A Deaf Dog Was Helped With Canine Hypnotherapy!

  • Understanding Canine Flow

Find out how Hypnotherapy for dogs can help nervousness, anxiety and other related behaviour. This story is about a lovely dog called Snoop.

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Bec and Boo

Set Free!

  • Retreat Review

The whole thing takes place in this amazing place, which has stayed with me in my heart. The accommodation is just lovely, very comfortable and they fully cater for the dogs, covering up all the sofas so the pooches can be as comfy as the humans and letting the dogs stay in your room.

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Water Consciousness, Meeting Veda Austin

  • Understanding Canine Flow

And, just like our dogs, Water encourages us to ‘Be’ in the present moment rather than focusing on the past or the future, to live in the ‘Now’ and not to be afraid of what may or may not happen next. So it appears Water and dogs are sharing exactly the same wisdom with us.

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