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Canine Flow is a unique way of being with dogs that promotes your own happiness, success and purpose and equally transforms canine behaviour, like no other technique before.
Founders Caroline and Foosa believe your dog chose you, in order to support you to reach your highest potential, re-connect to your heart space and guide you along your ascension journey. By learning and practicing the Canine Flow techniques for your dog, you will also powerfully align your own energy flow – to become abundant, balanced and free!
Our Retreats have now been running for 12 years. We welcome all canine guardians ready to discover more about their dogs true purpose and spiritual gifts. For a long, long time canine behaviour has been viewed as thought & mind based, now Canine Flow reveals the truth behind all behaviour motivations as being led by the dog’s heart, the dog’s innate life-force Flow. You’ll wonder how you missed it all for so long! It’s dog behaviour training, done differently.

Contact Us? We can be contacted through our Social Media or enrolment into the free Canine Mystery School. There are Canine Flow Practitioners Worldwide to help you and your dog with behaviours – Click here for the Worldwide Practitioner List